VAT delayed until 2019 in these Gulf countries

UAE introduced the tax from January 1, 2018

VAT (Value added tax) has been implemented in the UAE as approved by Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) members in 2017, however a few Gulf countries are set to roll-out VAT in 2019.

On January 1, 2018, UAE and Saudi Arabia introduced the first-ever VAT, a tax on goods and services that consumers must pay at the time of purchase – however other Gulf nations, including Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman delayed introducing the tax until 2019.

The application of the selective tax on certain products will start by the middle of 2018 in Oman, according to a report by the national broadcaster.

The products targeted for the so-called ‘sin tax’ are fizzy drinks cigarettes and energy drinks.

The delay in collecting the VAT until 2019 is expected to provide the country’s businesses with more time to prepare for it, the report added.

Bahrain introduced excise tax on tobacco products, energy drinks and soft drinks on December 30, 2017.


HAPPY NEWS: Here Is the List Of UAE Official Public Holidays 2018

Each Worker in UAE(Private/Public) entitled for Specific Holidays according to Article 74 of UAE labour laws for Private employees. The holidays in UAE are in accordance with Islamic Events and Festivals. The Holidays of New year Gregorian and National Day of UAE are two only official holidays that are not included in Islam.

All Holidays are Paid, employer must have to give leave on that days with full payment. In case employer has work which is so important than according to Article 81 of UAE labour laws workers shall be granted substitute leave in respect of such days, plus 50 per cent of his wage. If he is not granted substitute leave, his employer shall pay him 150 per cent of his basic wage in respect of the days worked.

According to Article 74 Each worker shall be entitled to leave with full pay on the following occasions:

  • New Year’s Day (Higra): one day.
  • New Year’s Day (Gregorian): one day.
  • Lesser Bairam(EID UL FITR): two days.
  • Greater Bairam*EID UL ADHA) and Eve: three days.
  • Birthday of Prophet Mohammed: one day.
  • Al Isra and Al Mi’raj: one day.
  • National Day: one day.


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