United Arab Emirates, VineUkrainian Lawyer Disfigured Woman’s Face Over ‘Affair’ With Husband in Dubai

A lawyer, who attacked a woman with a glass bottle and disfigured her, was sentenced to three months in jail by the Court of First Instance on Monday.

Public prosecution records show the attack happened during New Year’s Eve celebration party last year when the Ukrainian lawyer, 26, had an altercation with the victim, also a Ukrainian, 29, about her suspicions that the latter was having an affair with her husband.

The accused denied all charges in court and claimed she could not recall what exactly happened that night. She requested the presiding judge to sentence her quickly so that she could go back to her home country.

The court convicted her of charges, including physical assault that led to permanent injury, verbal abuse and consuming alcohol without a licence. It ordered her deportation after serving her jail time and paying a Dh1,000 fine.

The incident was reported to Al Barsha police station.

“She approached me and revealed her suspicions to me, which I denied strongly. I saw her then going to ask her husband the same question,” the complainant, who is a makeup artist, told the prosecutor.

“After showering me with insults, she suddenly attacked me with a glass bottle. Because of the strong blow, the bottle cut in her hands and severely injured my face.”

The complainant described the accused as being drunk then.

The complainant’s husband confirmed the attack. “I stopped the defendant from leaving the place in a cab until the arrival of the police. I then took my wife, who was bleeding profusely, to hospital.”


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