Filipina maid to get Dh3 million in back wages

She was given a flat monthly salary whether she worked 24 hours or less.

A Filipina maid will be paid $827,506 (Dh 3,039,553) in back wages by her former employee for whom she worked in Los Angeles.

The woman was taking care of two disabled children of the family besides doing household work, cooking and running errands.

She was given a flat monthly salary whether she worked 24 hours or less.

“The court’s judgement is a victory for Ms. Alzate, especially in the face of a vigorous opposition that did not concede any dime of wages that was owed to her,” said a release from the law firm that represented the Filipina.

“It was a testament to the courage of this Filipina to have pursued her claims all the way up to trial.”

Under the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights made effective in 2014, domestic workers with hours similar to Alzate who are caring for children or seniors are entitled to overtime pay being their regular hourly rate multiplied by one and a half, or “time and a half,” the Asian Journal reported.

Alzate had started working at the residence of Drs. Peter Sim and Lorraine Diego in Los Angeles in 2002. She was given a salary of $1,000 to care for a disabled baby. She was on call 7 days a week. In 2005, another disabled child was born to the family and kept under her care.

In 2014 her salary was $3000 per month which should be $6000 as per law.

“I just want to put out there, if anyone is in my situation, they can always ask for help,” said Alzate. “Going through this process is not easy, but if you know that if you have someone behind you,you will go for it,” she adds.


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