Young Couple Commit Suicide Together After Their Families Refused To Accept Their Marriage

They say that too much love will kill you. For some instance, it is true.

According to a report by ABS-CBN, an expert named Maribel Dionision of Love Institute Philippines said that love has been the top reason why most people commit suicide while the number two reason is no love.

Somehow, this is the case for this Bangladesh couple who committed suicide after their parents refused to accept their relationship.

The authorities recovered the bodies of the couple hanging from a tree at the Madarganj upazilla in Jamalpur.


According to Filo post, the bodies belong to the 25-year-old Sujan Mia and the 22-year-old Joya Akhtar who happens to be a couple who committed suicide together.

Madarganj police OC Rafiqul Islam stated that the bodies were recovered after the locals reported the incident to the authorities.

Further reports stated that the families of the couple didn’t even show up at the police station and so the authorities filed an unnatural death case and sent the bodies to the Jamalpur General Hospital for an autopsy.

The authorities theorized that the families of the couple refused to accept their relationship and so they ended up committing suicide together to show that not even death can tear them apart.

May this story be true or not, we should all still be mindful of our actions. This should at least serve as a warning to each and every family and couple out there to think twice and thrice before doing something you are unsure of.


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