Man to be jailed for forcing daughters into prostitution in UAE

The defendant denied all the charges before the court.

The Ras Al Khaimah criminal court has sentenced an Arab resident to 10 years in prison for being convicted of inciting prostitution, and forcing two of his 10 daughters into prostitution.

The same court ordered the house used in the shameful crime to be shut down, and referred the civil case to the concerned court.

As per court records, the RAK public prosecution has charged the suspect with seven counts, including human trafficking since his first victim (20-year-old daughter) was younger than 18 at the time of the crime.

He was also accused of raping her, as well as abetting, exploiting, and forcing her and her 31-year-old sister into prostitution and lewdness, beating them up, and using abusive language.

However, the defendant denied all the charges before the court. The two defence lawyers, appointed by court due to the suspect’s financial incapability, have so far asked to be relieved from representing the accused.

The first victim told the RAK police and then the public prosecution that her father had locked her up at home for six years during which he forced her to dance in a nightclub, and have sex with his random customers in exchange for money.

She added that he used to beat her and lock her up when she refused. “He sexually harassed and raped me against my will in his car close to the Saqr hospital when his wife was admitted to the hospital for delivery,” she said.

She tried to escape from the house with help of her elder sister to approach the police for help, but her father caught her and then locked her up. They managed to call the police and report his crime, though.

The second victim reiterated the same charges of her younger daughter against their father. They told the prosecutors that they could not report their father’s shameful crimes earlier because they did not know anyone and he used to beat them hard when they tried to seek help.

The younger daughter proved her father’s crime with a voice message of his to her to have sex with one of his customers. However, the accused denied all the charges

He affirmed that there was no previous litigation between him and his two daughters. He added that he used to drop them at the night club to dance as per their wish.

He told the prosecutors that he permitted his daughter to dance at a nightclub because he was jobless and needed money to support his 10 daughters and two boys. He used to collect Dh200 to Dh300 against each of his daughters’ dance.

The court, presided over by Chief Judge Sameh Shaker, ordered the adjournment of the case to appoint another defence lawyer, and complete the hearing sessions.

Finally, the court, presided over by Chief Judge Sameh Shaker, found the accused guilty and sentenced him to 10 years in jail.

Asian jailed for 10 years for trying to kill compatriot

The same court, in another lawsuit, has ordered an Asian resident to serve 10 years in jail over charges of attempting to kill one of his compatriots.

Court records show that three Asian residents had beaten up the victim over some disputes. The defendant, however, stabbed him with a knife several times with the intention of killing him.

Three jailed for 15 years for sexually assaulting victim

The same court ordered three other Asian suspects to serve jail term for 15 years for sexually assaulting the victim while they were under the influence of alcohol.


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