UAE Filipinos warned of email offering fake jobs in UK

Read your emails closely.

The Philippines’ Department of Labour and Employment (DOLE) recently cautioned Filipino expats against an online scam which lures jobseekers into phoney job offers.

The department warned of a fake email account pretending to represent the Philippine Embassy in the United Kingdom.

The email allegedly targets Filipino expats – including those in the UAE – for non-existent jobs in the UK, the Manila Bulletin reported.

The fake email address which DOLE revealed to be, was exposed after a report reached the Philippine Trade and Investment Centre (PTIC) in London.

The report was regarding a fraudulent email address that recruits workers and provides requirements for a UK job visa for a nominal price.

The PTIC then clarified that the bogus address is not the official email of the Philippine Embassy in London nor affiliated with any Philippine government agency.

The Philippine Labour Attache in London, Reydeluz Conferido, is seeking the assistance of government agencies in order to track the source of the fake emails.

Conferido is keen to file cases against the culprits in order to safeguard Filipino workers.

“We hope that we could mobilise the other government resources to track its source and bring to justice those who are so brazen in this illegal activity,” Conferido said.


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