Emirati Family Showers Maid Of 27 Years With Farewell Gifts

She was a favourite among all the children and even the adults in the family.

A Sharjah-based Emirati family showered an Indian maid, who served them for 27 years, with gifts and threw a grand farewell party to honour her, after she decided to leave for her home country.

Speaking to Khaleej Times, one of the extended family members Mohammed Rashid Al Ali, said that Lakshmi, from Andhra Pradesh, a South Indian state, worked with them all these years and was treated as part of their family. All the children and grandchildren considered her their mother, as she raised them “like her own” in an extremely loving and caring way.

Lakshmi with a younger member of the Sharjah-based Emirati family during the elaborate send-ooff organised by them to honour her three decades of service. – Supplied photo

They knew the parting would create a vacuum in their hearts and Lakshmi’s send-off was marked with sobs and tears. But the family is happy for her as she returned to her country after so many years.

Lakshmi, overwhelmed by emotions at the farewell, said: “I have never been treated as a maid in this house but as a family member. They always bought me gifts, clothes and jewellery and supported my family in India financially. It is difficult to leave the children, but I’m getting old and it is time to go home. I will miss them all.”

For the farewell, the family’s four villas were decorated elaborately, and all the extended family members and their other staff were brought together for the surprise party.

They kept the preparations a secret and on the day of the send-off, they presented Lakshmi new outfits, pampered her at the beauty salon and brought her to the villa, where there was a cake and a feast ready. The family also showered her with gold sets, clothes, watches, cash gifts and more. They even had a banner made with her name on it. “The farewell party was attended by all the children and grandchildren she raised, and other family members. Our gifts are a mark of appreciation for the love she bestowed on us. I thank Lakshmi from the bottom of my heart for raising two generations of 20 children and grandchildren,” Ali said.

We are family

Treat others just as you would like to be treated, with respect and dignity. Every job has its worth, every person doing deserves to be treated honourably. Wealth may get you to a station in life, but the respect you accord to other humans elevates you as a human. This family made an ‘outsider’, a maid one of their own. There was love. It changed their lives and hers.


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