Man Tries To R@Pe Job Seeker At His Mother’S Villa In Dubai

He has been charged at the Court of First Instance with attempted rape.

A man, who allegedly tried to rape a job seeker after luring her inside his room annexed to his mother’s villa, has been charged at a Dubai court.

The public prosecution records show the 46-year-old Emirati man took advantage that the Filipina woman needed a job and she trusted him. He fooled her into believing that he owned a tourism agency and that he would employ her. However, he lured her to a room where he began hitting on her, groping her and telling her to obey him.

He has been charged at the Court of First Instance with attempted rape.

The alleged incident took place on January 31, this year, and was reported to Al Rashidiyah police station.

The 26-year-old complainant, an accountant, said she contacted the defendant as she believed he could help her get a job. “He picked me up in his 4WD car around 9:30am at Al Rashidiyah metro station. He took me to downtown Dubai saying his tourism agency was located in that area and that he would hire me the next day.”

He then drove her to Ras Al Khaimah to bring her personal belongings claiming she would stay at the staff accommodation.

He later took her to his room annexed to a villa where he forced her to take her clothes off. “He tried in vain to have sex with me. The man snatched my mobile phone and wallet,” she recounted.

She said he beat her up with his hands and with a broom stick whenever she tried to use her phone to call for help.

He opened the door for her later and told her to leave. She walked out barefoot and called the police.

“We arrested the accused at around 4:00am on February 8, following up on a complaint by a woman that he had tried to rape her,” a police sergeant said.

“The accused alleged that he asked her for sex and she agreed. But later she started to scream and then got dressed and left for no reason.”

The officer described the man as being agitated upon his arrest. “The defendant told us during questioning he had just come from a bar,” the officer said.

The accused told the police the villa belonged to his mother and was rented to several Asian families.

The complainant identified the defendant among other suspects when shown to her at the police station.

The forensic examination detected bruises on the woman’s arms, which matched with her story that she was hit with a stick.

The accused has been held in provisional detention.

The trial will continue on May 8.


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